RC Blaze Toy: Review

We were recently sent the Fisher Price RC Blaze toy to review. As I’ve said before, Oliver is a huge Blaze fan so we were looking forward to surprising him with another Blaze toy. When it arrived Oliver asked straight away if we could get it out of the box and start playing with it. In fact since it’s arrived our TV has had Blaze on repeat because he just loves it.

What’s in the box

Quite simply you get what you see.

  • A blaze car
  • A remote control in a wheel shape

RC blaze in box with wheel shaped controller

The blaze car and the remote control both require 2xAAA batteries each, so 4 in total. That’s no issue for us as we have batteries all over the house thanks to R’s job. We still had some lying around from Christmas too. You also need a medium sized cross head screwdriver to open the battery compartments, it was really easy to do even with the cheap set of screwdrivers that R lets me use.


Playing with the RC Blaze

The toy is really simple to use. There are only two controls – forward and reverse turn. Basically this RC Blaze goes in a straight line. If you want to change direction you have to reverse turn until Blaze is facing the way you want to go. The RC Blaze toy is suitable from age 3; I guess anything more sophisticated would confuse little ones. For me it’s a little too simple as Oliver is over 4 years old now, so I’m not sure how long he will play with it. However, he absolutely loves it and doesn’t seem to mind the simplicity.

Oliver playing with RC Blaze

Oliver’s really enjoyed making up stories, based on the Blaze TV show and the things he’s seen Blaze do. He’s been asking me to race him using the Blaze toy from the monster dome, which is neither remote controlled nor as big as the RC Blaze. I’m not sure if he realises he’s being clever or whether he really thinks they are worthy competitors. Oliver also really likes that his RC Blaze is much bigger than Crusher from the monster dome set, so he’s beaten Crusher quite a few times.

Oliver playing with RC Blaze and Monster Dome Crusher

In Oliver’s words

“It’s really good because Blaze is a goodie and he can win Crusher when Crusher cheats”. He also told me that he thinks other children will enjoy the toy, but it’s a secret as to why.

The RRP for the RC Blaze is £21.99 which is available from good toy shops


Blaze and The Monster Machines Monster Dome: Review

When we were asked to review the Blaze and The Monster Machines Monster Dome Playset by Fisher Price we jumped at the chance! Oliver is a huge Blaze fan, and so are we as parents. I remember one day watching it with Oliver and it was talking about trajectory. I’ve learned a lot from Blaze, and if even the tiniest part has sunk in to Oliver’s memory then I’m pretty happy too. So as fans all round we eagerly waited the arrival of the new toy. The monster dome review has to be the most exciting part of being a blogger’s child for Oliver.

oliver holding blaze monster dome box

What’s in the box

  • Blaze toy
  • Crusher toy
  • 2 launchers – one blue, one red
  • 2 (red) ramps, with arrows for up and down (so that you fix them in the right way around)
  • A (blue) 360° loop (5 pieces with arrows to show which way around to fix)
  • A ‘ring of fire’ (2 pieces)
  • Chomping sharkbot
  • 2 black finish line pieces
  • 2 finish line flags
  • 3 additional brown track pieces
  • Big screen/billboard sign piece
  • Stickers

Assembly of the Monster Dome

Assembling the track was pretty easy with the instructions to follow. The pieces come apart and go back together really easily. In fact, Oliver can take the pieces apart and put them back together pretty easily too. The sharkbot piece is a ‘one time snap’ though, which means it can only be done once. Oliver was a bit annoyed about this, but once he understood it would break if he tried to take it apart he was fine.

The pieces go together with 2 click in points. Once you’ve lined them up properly they slide in to place really easily and stay in place. Even Oliver, at just under 4 years of age, can do it.

track connector close up pieces monster dome playset


The stickers were easy to attach – but definitely requires an adult to put them on straight. I left R to this as I’m impatient and slightly cack-handed. He only had to unpeel and re-stick one piece, after sticking it on the wrong side of the ramp (despite clear instructions, tut tut). It stuck back down easily and hasn’t peeled off.


There are four layouts, each are easy to assemble and once built mainly just requires popping a few things out and rearranging slightly.


Or you can adapt it to play with your own toys….


Playing with the slow mo camera while Oliver tests out the new Blaze toy with a slight adaptation…

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What Oliver Says

“It’s reallllllyy coooooooollllll”.

The best part – “Racing!! And it was sooooo coooool when it flied and when I hit it too hard and it flied on the ring of fire that was really cool.” – Can you tell he has recently discovered the word ‘cool’?

What he didn’t like – the fighting. When I asked what he meant he said Crusher is always fighting. I think because he watches the TV show he sees Crusher as the bad guy. And he doesn’t like baddies because they aren’t nice and do bad things. But there are extra characters available to buy. He particularly likes Stripes and Pickle.


What Mum & Dad say…

“The build quality is great, it’s really strong. You could smash the launchers really hard repeatedly and it wouldn’t break” – Dad

“You can take it apart and back together so quickly and easily, meaning it’s so easy to put away and get back out” – Mum

Overall, we all really love this toy. It’s great fun to play with and we’ve had some brilliant races with each other. Although Oliver is always Blaze, both monster trucks race around the monster dome pretty fast. The instruction leaflet even has a little description of momentum and how momentum helps the monster trucks race around the monster dome without falling off.

Overall I’d say the Blaze playset has good value for money at less than £30 – it’s definitely built to last and Oliver has already played with it more than most of his toys and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I know that whenever his Cousin H comes over they will be having races against each other too! And the best part – no batteries! I’m envisaging lots of races at Christmas, between adults and children alike!


Check out our photos of the Blaze Playset


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The Blaze and The Monster Machines Monster Dome Playset was sent to us for the purpose of an open, honest review. All words and opinions are my own. Except Oliver’s. I like to think my command of the English language is slightly better than that.




Family Fever


Is it OK to buy a NERF gun for a 4 year old?

This is a collaborative post.

Last year, Oliver’s Godfather bought him a NERF gun for his 3rd birthday. He loved it, but myself and R weren’t too impressed. I’m not sure if we were being a bit precious, or if it’s actually OK. However, now that Oliver is about to turn 4 I’m wondering about getting him a NERF gun myself. Oliver’s ‘Cousin H’ actually got a small NERF gun for his 4th birthday. So, it made me wonder, is it OK to buy a NERF gun for a 4 year old?


The NERF gun that Oliver was given was the NERF Mega. I have no doubt that specific model of NERF gun was not appropriate for Oliver. It was too hard to load and the bullets could be really painful. They even whistle when they fly through the air because they go so fast. However, the NERF gun that ‘Cousin H’ got for his 4th birthday was much smaller. Oliver and H could both load it, and the smaller bullets didn’t hurt anyone when they hit them. Which was tested out mostly by R and Uncle T. Of course.

Are we mad for even asking if it’s OK to buy a NERF gun for a 4 year old?

I completely understand that there are people out there screaming of course its NOT OK to buy a NERF gun for a 4 year old at the computer screen. But I love how Oliver has learned to hit a target with his gun. He learned to aim and that it takes a bit of concentration and thought, instead of just rushing in and pulling the trigger. We’ve explained the goodies and baddies concept too. He kind of gets that because of his love of Spiderman. But the guns thing is pretty new. He had no idea that in America guns are normal. As far as he was concerned, only the police and very very bad people have guns. So we addressed that issue. That toy guns like NERF guns are fun, but real guns are bad and they are not for playing with.


There are loads of things I feel like he can learn with his NERF gun, but I’d need to find a gun that was more appropriate for his age. I don’t know much about NERF guns. I never had one growing up, nor did my brothers. We really loved the one Cousin H had because it was so easy to load – and only came with 3 bullets. H’s one would be more appropriate for Oliver than the one he has now. You definitely need to do your research on NERF guns before you buy one for a child that’s younger than recommended.


And you should probably ask the parents too…

Is it OK to buy a nerf gun for a 4 year old? Orange Nerf bullets background piled on wooden board

NB: Although I was compensated for my time to write this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Including the terrible choice of Godparent.