RC Blaze Toy: Review

We were recently sent the Fisher Price RC Blaze toy to review. As I’ve said before, Oliver is a huge Blaze fan so we were looking forward to surprising him with another Blaze toy. When it arrived Oliver asked straight away if we could get it out of the box and start playing with it. In fact since it’s arrived our TV has had Blaze on repeat because he just loves it.

What’s in the box

Quite simply you get what you see.

  • A blaze car
  • A remote control in a wheel shape

RC blaze in box with wheel shaped controller

The blaze car and the remote control both require 2xAAA batteries each, so 4 in total. That’s no issue for us as we have batteries all over the house thanks to R’s job. We still had some lying around from Christmas too. You also need a medium sized cross head screwdriver to open the battery compartments, it was really easy to do even with the cheap set of screwdrivers that R lets me use.


Playing with the RC Blaze

The toy is really simple to use. There are only two controls – forward and reverse turn. Basically this RC Blaze goes in a straight line. If you want to change direction you have to reverse turn until Blaze is facing the way you want to go. The RC Blaze toy is suitable from age 3; I guess anything more sophisticated would confuse little ones. For me it’s a little too simple as Oliver is over 4 years old now, so I’m not sure how long he will play with it. However, he absolutely loves it and doesn’t seem to mind the simplicity.

Oliver playing with RC Blaze

Oliver’s really enjoyed making up stories, based on the Blaze TV show and the things he’s seen Blaze do. He’s been asking me to race him using the Blaze toy from the monster dome, which is neither remote controlled nor as big as the RC Blaze. I’m not sure if he realises he’s being clever or whether he really thinks they are worthy competitors. Oliver also really likes that his RC Blaze is much bigger than Crusher from the monster dome set, so he’s beaten Crusher quite a few times.

Oliver playing with RC Blaze and Monster Dome Crusher

In Oliver’s words

“It’s really good because Blaze is a goodie and he can win Crusher when Crusher cheats”. He also told me that he thinks other children will enjoy the toy, but it’s a secret as to why.

The RRP for the RC Blaze is £21.99 which is available from good toy shops


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